Juan y Los Frijoles Magicos (Jack and the Beanstalk)

6640 stars
Richard Walker

Juan y Los Frijoles Magicos (Jack and the Beanstalk) by Richard Walker PDF, TXT, ePub, PDB, RTF, FB2.

Title Juan y Los Frijoles Magicos (Jack and the Beanstalk)
Rating 6640 stars
Author Richard Walker
Pages 40
Isbn 0613538250
Review With the cupboards being empty, Jack's mother reluctantly sends jack to town to sell their beloved cow, Daisy. Jack returns with 6 minuscule beans. Magic beans to be exact. Frustrated, Jack's mother tosses the beans outside. They both go to bed miserable and hungry. The magic beans gro sky high, and into the land of the clouds. An elderly woman offers to feed him, giant stomps, FEE, FI, FO, FUM!, and a geese lays golden eggs.

Richard Walker's humorous version of this classic tale is a breathe of fresh air. Niamh Sharkey's illustrations are creative and unique, and a great replacement for the traditional images that accompany this story.


A retold version based on the traditional folk tale of 'Jack and the beanstalk'.this story is about a boy named Jack.One day he was sent out to the market by his mother to sell their cow,their only last possession and any sort of income.Jack by all means listened to the instructions of his mother and set off.On his travels he meets a funny little man.a man wearing big,baggy jacket with big,baggy pockets.In that pocket contained some precious 'magic beans'.The funny,strange man offered him to trade the cow for those beans.The man had lost instruction for the magic beans but definitely remembers something magical about them.Jack accepts the offer and carries them in his pocket back to his house.When mother finds out she is reasonably angry. after all he was supposed to get some money in return and not some beans.Well jack tried telling his mother that they weren't just any beans but magic beans.His mother in her angered moments threw them out the window.Jack mother was furious,she now had no cow,no money to live on.Jacks adventure begins as the tiny beans turn into large beanstalk where he meets the not so friendly GIANT.Jack and the Giant go through a lot of playful adventure and eventually Jack is saved from the giant and much richer too.

The illustrations used in this version are excellent, colourful and presented in earthy pastel colours with detailed background.the characters are full of life and humour.The author writes this this version in a very whimsical style.The author portrays Jack as a good -hearted boy who uses his quick thinking skills for good opportunities.

A good story as a whole and wonderfully written.This can be used for many occasions in the classroom,the story can be used for children to create their own versions,can be used in creating a play and making props.This book can also be used for many discussions amongst thee class based on the themes of opportunities,good listening,stealing, thief and being able to know what's right and wrong.

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